Do you know how to keep your business protected from constantly evolving cyberthreats?

RG Technologies is the most trusted name in Managed IT Security Services for small businesses in El Paso.


We handle all the technology required to meet your employees’ modern needs and to accommodate all the different ways that they perform — whether in the office or working remotely.


Our Services

All the IT Support Your El Paso Business Will Need to Succeed

Managed IT Services

Get the support your business needs now. Our complete IT management solution bundles proactive monitoring and management. We believe in being a true partner with your business.


Threats are everywhere working around the clock, so why would we not do the same! Whether it’s mid-morning or middle of the night, our team is keeping a watchful eye on your business network.

Compliance Services

Every industry comes with its own unique set of challenges, but when those challenges include specific compliance regulations, the level of difficulty you can face increases exponentially.

Are you relying on basic cybersecurity to protect your El Paso business?

Small businesses are cybercriminals’ favorite targets, and their attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. All it takes is ONE breach to cripple your business, lose employee and customer data, irreparably ruin your business’s reputation, and possibly losing your livelihood.

RGT believes in providing El Paso small businesses with enterprise grade cybersecurity solutions customized to fit your budget, needs, and goals. Network security has moved beyond simple antivirus software to a robust suite of security tools and platforms. With over 10 years of experience, we keep one important fact in mind, network security is an ever-evolving field and we continuously study, research, train, and adapt our network security tools and services to stay on top of the ever-growing number of threats facing small businesses today.

Let our experts handle you cyber defenses and rest easy knowing you’re always protected.




Why Work with RG Technologies for your IT Support Needs

RG Technologies provides a more in-depth knowledge and broader experience than we’d ever have from hiring an in-house IT employee. They updated our entire network infrastructure and ensured our technology is aligned with our growing needs.

Frank Castillo

Administrative Assistant, Therapy Consultants

It’s been a very positive experience because they respond quickly to our needs and when we have trouble, they’re knowledgable and they’re able to find solutions for the problems that arise.

Luis Liano

Campus Director, Triumph Public High Schools

We switched to RG Technologies for our IT Network Management last year. Their team did a great job with a virtually seamless transition away from the network management company that we used prior. They quickly got up to speed with the complexity of our IT network environment. Our staff has benefitted with the substantially improved level of service.

Dr. Akomolafe

Owner, The Therapy Consultants

In the cybersecurity world, minutes matter. So we made sure partnering with us is quick and simple

Get the support your El Paso business needs now. Our approach to IT support has been fine-tuned through years of experience. We place a strong focus on layered network security, automation, increased uptime, and customer service. Our mission is simple – we leverage technology to increase your business outcomes!

Customers First

We provide friendly support so you feel comfortable contacting us anytime for any reason. Geek-speak not included.

Keeping IT Simple

We make technology simple and easy for you and your staff by tailoring the best IT support solutions.

Do the Right Thing

We’re not in this to make a quick buck and then move on. We do not leave our clients hanging. We partner with you for the long haul.

Why Choose RG Technolgies?

Technology is constantly changing and many business owners struggle to keep up. RG Technologies is an El Paso, Texas-based IT Managed Service Provider specializing in small business technology management and security. Our team handles everything from physical hardware management and help desk support to network security and cloud productivity, such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Our approach to small business technology has been fine-tuned to provide everything a growing business needs. We focus heavily on securing your network, providing automation, uptime, and reliability.

Although we’re always growing and changing, we continue to maintain a foundation built on strong values and relationships. The value we bring to each and every business we work with is difficult to narrow down to a few sentences. Let us break down the value of working with RG Technologies into two big benefits: cost and relationship.

  • Cost: With us, you get the full, I.T. Department package and a greater return on your IT investment.
  • Relationship: Your needs, wants, and requirements will come before anything else.

With RG Technologies you will experience a best in class experience with the knowledge, experience, and unsurpassed quality unlike any other. That’s why we only want to work with business owners that understand their business and know that technology can play a huge role in maintaining, reaching, and exceeding their goals. We want you to build a strong relationship with us, communicate with us, and lean on us like you would with any valued member of your team.


The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. – Benjamin Franklin


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