Did you know that a staggering 90% of successful breaches are caused by human error? This should make it critical for your company to have ongoing Security Awareness Training as part of your company’s security strategy. Lack of training in basic cybersecurity practices can cause your employees to fall victim to malicious social engineering and cause the spread of dangerous cyber threats in your network.

Security awareness training can turn your company’s security weakness into a strength by empowering your employees to be part of your security solution. However, this is not a “check the box” solution. In order to be effective, Security Awareness Training is (and should be) an ongoing process that follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines. The ability to track training activity and measure success toward your goals is also critical to the program’s overall success.

Many small businesses recognize the importance of delivering Security Awareness Training but lack the expertise or resources to implement and manage a training program that follows these best practices. That’s when they turn to managed service providers (MSPs) like RG Technologies.

RG Technologies offers a managed Security Awareness Training program that includes randomized phishing simulation emails, which are sent to users regularly to test for vulnerability. Users that click the mock phishing emails are automatically enrolled in the appropriate training to bring up their defenses.

Monthly training courses are available online, and we takes care of enrolling users and send regular reminders to start or complete training. We also send out monthly management reports that include assessment results and track progress toward your company’s cybersecurity goals. To help make it as easy as possible, we use a training portal that allows users to access their training courses at any time.

Why Should Your Company Implement Security Awareness Training?

By adding a Security Awareness Training program your company can benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Expanding awareness to reduce threats – Proactive ongoing training helps your employees learn how to recognize and avoid cyberattacks, which can significantly reduce your cybersecurity risks.
  • Minimizing successful phishing attacks – Phishing attacks account for more than 80 percent of reported cybercrime incidents and is the easiest way for cyberattacks to happen. Training can dramatically reduce your company’s phishing exposure and risk.
  • Reducing costs – Cyberattacks are expensive. A well-developed Security Awareness Training program can reduce the risks of costly data breaches, downtime, reputational harm, and more. For many businesses, the ability to outsource Security Awareness Training ensures that affordable, up-to-date training is delivered reliably.

Training Works!

Security Awareness Training is vital to having a strong cybersecurity posture across your company. In fact, data from Infosec Inc. indicates that nearly 29 percent of untrained employees are susceptible to phishing attacks and will fail phishing tests. However, after one year of monthly simulated phishing tests and regular training, that rate drops to as low as 1 percent. That shows a real change in user behavior and illustrates why training programs like the one offered by RG Technologies are so valuable.

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