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What is the value of privacy?

Congratulations! You’ve just won a contest (hypothetically speaking). You have a choice of two prizes which are functionally and aesthetically the same, however one is a name brand that everyone knows and the other is a store brand. Which do you choose. Odds are good...

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Information security made simple

We’re all familiar with the concept of physical security. When walking alone, you make sure to keep your eyes open and distractions to a minimum; maybe you’re even trained in self-defense. In the case of homes and businesses, we rely on insurance to support us in case...

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IoT Devices Used As Proxies for Anonymity

The FBI  posted a public service announcement warning of the dangers of unprotected IoT devices. The risks posed by insecure consumer IoT devices have long been known — ever since the Mirai botnet DDoS-ed a string of big-name sites back in 2016. But with an estimated...

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Google Chrome – Insecure HTTP D-Day is Here

Google Chrome users who visit unencrypted websites will be confronted with warnings today. The changes will come for surfers using the latest version of Google Chrome, version 68. Any web page not running HTTPS with a valid TLS certificate will show a "Not secure"...

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