Compliance Services


Compliance Services

The journey to regulatory compliance and security goes much further
than a one-time risk assessment.

The cost of a healthcare data breach is $429 per record — higher than any other industry.

When it comes to your healthcare organization and HIPAA, failure (to comply) is not an option.

The financial penalties associated with HIPAA violations, coupled with the potential costs of a data breach itself can leave Covered Entities (CE) that deal with Patient Health Information (PHI) and ePHI little choice but to develop a multi-layered, long-term Compliance and Security plan. The penalties, based on the level of negligence, could be detrimental. They could put your facility out of operation and you out of a job.

The well-being and safety of sensitive patient health information depends predominantly on your organization’s cyber defense against ongoing threats like ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, employee negligence and many other emerging risks.

2019 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview – IBM Security and Ponemon Institute

The Journey to HIPAA Compliance Begins Here...

You need to know that HIPAA Compliance is not a destination that you only visit once. HIPAA Compliance is an ongoing journey. It begins with a Risk Analysis, which is the foundation of any HIPAA Compliance Plan. It then continues by gathering necessary tools and implementing specific processes and procedures that monitor, manage, and mitigate both your internal and external threats across today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Every healthcare organization is at risk, regardless of size. According to HealthIT Security, “healthcare was the second-most attacked industry, after the government sector.” Given the threat of attack, and the monetary losses associated with HIPAA non-compliance fines or data breach, what is your organization waiting for?

Our Compliance Services helps to assure HIPAA Compliance today and into the future. Through a thorough assessment process, visual intelligence and reporting, and continued workforce education, your healthcare organization can trek forward confidently through your HIPAA Compliance journey ahead.

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