Enterprise Cybersecurity for Small Business

Protect Your Small Business like it's BIG Business

Are you 100% confident in your network security, data protection, and cybersecurity solutions?

IT security can feel like a daunting task and rightfully so. When caring for your business network, there are a lot of different tools available and it’s important to understand that they are not all the same. Just as a hammer, wrench and screwdriver are not interchangeable, various security safeguards must be used and configured to work together. Assuming that a single security tool will protect against a host of issues is just asking for trouble.

What Do Cyber Criminals Want With My Small Business?

It’s easy to assume that small businesses have less to worry about than their larger competitors, simply because they have less information to steal. This is a misconception, and a common one. People try to justify small businesses taking fewer security precautions because they’re not desirable targets, when the fact is that small businesses are the target of roughly 70% of data breaches.

Here are just a few of the statements I’ve heard speaking with small business owners:

  • My business doesn’t have anything hackers would want…
  • My business is too small, nobody can find me…
  • Who would care about what data I have…
  • I don’t have any data anybody would want…
  • I downloaded all kinds of security software, I’m good…
  • We only go to safe websites…

The cold reality is that small businesses are increasingly looked at as a gateway or launchpad to larger organizations

With appropriate cybersecurity in place, you'll can focus on your business rather than worrying about cyber threats

We’re serious about making sure you have the right cybersecurity measures in place, but also about making sure it doesn’t stand in the way of your business.

The Balancing Act: Security, Cost, and Performance

Many small businesses simply don’t have the time or financial resources to maintain complicated security solutions. We strongly believe that cybersecurity for the small business does NOT have to be
complicated or expensive.

We’re serious about making sure you have the right cybersecurity measures in place. We start off by understanding what’s important to your business. We take time to find out what network assets and data need to be protected and what the potential threats are that can compromise your network.

With that knowledge of the your risks at stake we will then recommend an appropriate cybersecurity solution that will strike the right balance between your budget, network security and performance.

Enterprise-Class Cybersecurity

All the cybersecurity tools we utilize in our custom solutions are from industry leading enterprise cybersecurity organizations. Enterprise organizations we’ve partnered with so we can focus on protecting your business from the threats you’ll be exposed to.

We’re trained to work with their enterprise cybersecurity technologies so we can create and deploy a comprehensive enterprise cybersecurity solution for your business that spans your entire IT landscape.

This means your data, your users, and your systems are protected wherever they reside.

It’s Time for a New IT Experience

Now is the time to take action and leverage our expertise and experience to steer you towards better IT investments and strageties. Now is the time to get everything you need from the one IT company that you can trust – RG Technologies

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