We’re all familiar with the concept of physical security. When walking alone, you make sure to keep your eyes open and distractions to a minimum; maybe you’re even trained in self-defense. In the case of homes and businesses, we rely on insurance to support us in case of emergencies and security guards or alarm systems to provide around-the-clock monitoring.

Why do we focus on physical security? For our own personal safety of course, and that of our families and belongings. A break in, whether in a home or business setting can be devastating, leading to financial issues and emotional trauma if not worse.

Information security is no different. On a personal level, we store important documents in safe deposit boxes in banks and don’t carry our social security cards on our person. We shred important documents and cut credit cards to avoid sensitive personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Businesses that collect and store information on clients including names, birthdates, social security numbers, and financial or medical information face the difficult task of ensuring that a staggering amount of information is kept safe. This information is vital to the running of the business and the fulfillment of its duties, but if compromised, compromises the physical and financial safety of those affected. Not only is an information security breach a public relations nightmare, it can lead to weighty fines and costly remediation steps.

Many industries who collect sensitive information are governed by a set of security guidelines which must be met. These guidelines offer minimum security measures which must be met in order to ensure a reasonable level of protection for important information. If a business is not in compliance, it can be fined or stripped of its credentials.

One of the simplest ways to ensure information security is continuous monitoring, which is being required in an increasing number of industries. Like a security guard standing at the door to a business, continuous monitoring systems watch activity and make note of anything suspicious so that unusual activity can be addressed before it causes a problem. Continuous monitoring will find malware installed on your network that your anti-virus miss. It will find suspicious activities, which could be indications of compromise or hackers probing looking for weaknesses on your network to exploit. It serves as the eyes and ears to your network.

Security standards can be difficult to understand and implement, even for medium to large sized businesses which do not have a security expert on staff. This doesn’t mean they need to, or should, go without this vital protection.

RG Technologies offers affordable cyber security and continuous monitoring services which help protect your businesses from cyber threats. You don’t need to understand and implement the details; the security experts at RG Technologies keep watch, analyze data and inform clients of suspicious activity. Security doesn’t need to be daunting, but it does need to be done right. Let RG Technologies make sure your information security is done right while you focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

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