No matter how careful your team may be, motivated cybercriminals will find ways to evade your defenses and penetrate your business networks. Poorly guarded endpoints, unpatched workstations and servers, and careless mobile users are favored targets. But there’s another easily exploitable vector that some security-savvy companies often overlook: your company’s shared network printer.

Way too often nobody cares enough about printers. They are considered a trusted and reliable piece of network equipment that scans and prints out documents. At the end of the day, it’s a network endpoint – just like a PC. They are Wi-Fi enabled with an IP address and a network connection.

Below is a list of things you can do to reduce your business risk:

  1. Data capture–multifunction printers are essentially data hubs for sensitive documents, which cybercriminals can access and reroute sensitive information to an offsite location.
  2. Network connectivity–if your network printer is compromised any print-jobs sent to it may be intercepted and stolen.
  3. Network blindspot–excluding just one network printer from your monitoring can expose your entire business. Printers are the Achilles Heel for network management. They sit on the network like a PC and need regular updating like any other network endpoint – but often don’t.

Your shared network printer can be the trojan horse for your business if not properly monitored. Today, that network-aware printer is now internet-aware and creating new opportunities for cloud services and for advanced features such as remote management which is usually not secured when your brand new printer gets installed on your network.

Need help with securing your business network? We’d love to speak with you and help you get started with securing your network.

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