Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

We have everything you need to make your IT the ultimate asset

Information Technology...It's What We Love

Get the support your business needs now. Our complete IT management solution bundles proactive monitoring, management, and servicing of you IT network.

Managed IT Services

Get the support your business needs now. 24/7 service and support to keep your IT always on and your business running smoothly. 

Cybersecurity Services

Let our cybersecurity solutions protect your business from always evolving cyber threats.


Compliance Services

Our compliance solutions provide an affordable, simple means to help your business meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Cloud Solutions

With our cloud solutions your business will have access to advanced cost-cutting IT solutions to help streamline your business.

Disaster Recovery

Protection from cyber attacks and disasters with reliable backup and recovery plans that will get your business up and running fast.

VoIP Solutions

Our solution provides an enterprise-grade VoIP system delivered from the cloud that is easily scalable to keep pace with your business growth.

Why Choose RG Technolgies?

Technology is constantly changing and many business owners struggle to keep up. That’s where your El Paso network support team comes in: we continue to grow and change based on our clients’ needs.

Although we’re always growing and changing, we continue to maintain a foundation built on strong values and relationships. The value we bring to each and every business we work with is difficult to narrow down to a few sentences. Let us break down the value of working with RG Technologies into two big benefits: cost and relationship.

  • Cost: With us, you get the full, I.T. Department package and a greater return on your IT investment.
  • Relationship: Your needs, wants, and requirements will come before anything else.

With RG Technologies you will experience a best in class experience with the knowledge, experience, and unsurpassed quality unlike any other. That’s why we only want to work with business owners that understand their business and know that technology can play a huge role in maintaining, reaching, and exceeding their goals. We want you to build a strong relationship with us, communicate with us, and lean on us like you would with any valued member of your team.


The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. – Benjamin Franklin


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